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DAY 3 --- 29/08/2014

For this third day of the tournament the course was drying progressively, the greens appeared to be faster and the putting more surprising … 
For the boys, we find three Belgian amongst the top six players.  Giovanni Tadiotto played 74 with unfortunately a double bogey on the 18th hole as he drove out of bounds.  Aurian Capart had not such a good day with a score of 78. The third place is now held by the Czech Vaclav Lebl with a score of 74 for the day. 
Today’s best score was  70 and shot by the German Matthias Schmid, the Finnish Simo Haavisto and the Italian Giovanni Dassu.
With respect to the Tournament of Nations, Belgium is consolidating its lead with a score of 426 followed by Italy and France with scores of respectively  443 and 448.

On the girls’ side, the first two places of the day are held by France:  Agathe Laisne and Laura Van Respaille both shot a one under par 71.
With respect to the total score, Agathe Laisne is still leading with 212, followed by Laura Van Respaille and Ludovica Farina both at 221.
Suspense for tomorrow in the Tournament of Nations…  France and Italy have now joined Denmark for the lead at 450: Tomorrow’s scores will decide who is the winner !


Final Day - And the winners are... --- 30/08/2014


For the second time, the French girl Agathe Laisne wins the tournament despite a score of 78 for today. The second place is held by the Italian Ludovica Farina who played a remarkable 70 with 3 birdies.  Thanks to her lead of 9 points, Agathe wins with a total score of 290 followed by Ludovica with a total score of 291.  The third place is for the French girl Laura Van Respaille with a score of 77 for the day and 298 in total.

Like last year, the first place in the Tournament of Nations is for Italy with a total score of 595, followed by Denmark (603) and France (604). tiffany jewellery   tiffany uk

(from left to right, Laura Van Respaille, Agathe Laisne and Ludovica Farina)

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The Belgian Giovanni Tadiotto won the tournament with a lead of 9 points. He played 3 of the 4 rounds under par. His total score is 281 and the second place is tied by the Belgian player Basille Devillet and the German by Mathias Schmid with a total score of 290.

As mentioned before the victory in the Tournament of Nations for the boys goes to Belgium with a total score of 572 followed by Italy with a score 598. Third place is for Denmark with a total score of 599.Cisco 650-256 dumps   Microsoft 70-462 dumps

Giovanni Tadiotto (left), winner of the International Juniors of Belgium

CBA --- 03/09/2014
Dear Players, 

In order to adjust your handicap, here the CBA for the 4 days of the tournament as calculated by our Federation: 

DAY 1 : -4
DAY 2 : -2
DAY 3 : -1
DAY 4 : -1


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