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Inside news --- 30/08/2013

This year the Total International Juniors has the chance to welcome three young players born in the year 2000 !!! And they all come from Belgium. We are also happy to have Jordi Panes from Spain for the third time.

Finally, welcome back to the Austrian and Swedish teams !

Like each year, you can relax in the hostess tent; even if they moved their table outside to enjoy the nice Belgian weather, 25° yesterday and today, they are still happy to help you !

Again we would like to thank our sponsors and in particular the candy supplier who has been providing us for the past 5 years. Candies are there to give you energy or to cheer you up after a long round on the course.

Last but not least, we would like to give a special thank to our drivers team who wakes up early to drive the players as of 6 am ! They do their best to get you where you need to be on time.

Apparently the youngsters behave this year as they have few or non gossip to tell! 

Last day --- 31/08/2013

The last day of the Tournament was also blessed with good weather.  What a wonderful week without rain.

For the girls, this last closing round finished with suspense.  The leader Cristina Pérez Iguaran started well with 1 uner par for the first 9 holes but unfortunately she collapsed with 2 double bogeys and 4 bogeys in a row.  She finished at the 6th place.

The youngster, Agathe Laisne, aged 14, played an impressive and regular round with a score of even par.

The Belgian girl, Clara Aveling, was a little bit destabilized by a triple putt on hole 7 and 9.  But fortunately she made a birdie on the 14th hole and finished 1 stroke behind Agathe.

Camilla Mazzola had a chance to stay in the lead but she made 2 bogeys and 1 double bogey in a row.


On the boys' side the Belgian, Alan De Bondt, who was in the 8th position after 3 days, made a spectacular last round with a score of 3 under par which rose him to the 3rd place.

Vitek Novak never gave away the lead with 3 birdies and 12 pars in a row.  Apparently, he got injured on the 16th hole but finished in style with 1 birdie on the 18th.

The German, Maximilian Herrmann maintained the second position with a regular round of 1 above par.

With respect to the Nations Cup for the girls, nothing changed, Italy maintained the first position with a total score of 608, followed by Spain with a total score of 612.

In the boys Nations Cup, there was a turnaround as Belgium took over the lead from Austria with a total score of 598.  Austria finished at the second place with a total score of 602.


CBA --- 04/09/2013

Here is the CBA for the four days of competition

DAY 1 : -3
DAY 2 : 0
DAY 3 : 0
DAY 4 : 0

You can see your cards if you click on your name in the Results list.

Belgium Int'l Juniors 2014 --- 20/02/2014

We are pleased to announce the 36th Belgian International Juniors, organized with the sponsorship of TOTAL Belgium from 27 AUGUST till 30 AUGUST 2014.

Last year we introduced a major change, the age limit being lowered to 18 years. We shall therefore look for boys and girls born in 1996  and after. In order to ensure a smooth development of the championship, we will not accept more than 144 players overall and we will limit the number of players to 8 boys and 4 girls per country. The event is to be played in 4 rounds stroke play with a cut after 54 holes. From 15th May onward, you will be able to download the Entry Form on this website and can  send it back to us by fax or email with your stamps and signatures.

As each year, 2 boys and 2 girls will be invited as guests (board and lodging at our expense from the evening of the 24th to 31th August). These 4 players, who you will designate yourselves, will compose the team representing your country in the team competition. However, unlike previous years, considering the difficulty of finding family accommodations, applications will be handled on a first come – first serve basis. Meals will remain at our expense for the official country representatives (2 boys and 2 girls).

For ease of planning, please inform us as soon as possible about the number of players that you expect to enter for the team competition. This is very important for accommodation purposes. Please note that we shall only be able to host the 4 players in the Nations Teams (according to obtain availability).

However, we arranged special rates with a hotel for individual players: 

Hotel “Ramada Brussels Woluwe”

(Tél: + 32 2 775 31 80 Fax: +32 2 775 31 89)

Rate: 100 EUR for a double room, breakfast included. 

Shuttle service will be prearranged from the hotel to the Golf Club. As mentioned above and due to the success of this competition, we have to limit entries to 144 players. We shall therefore close the entries on August 15th, and make the final selection according to the lowest handicaps. You will receive our reconfirmation by fax or email not later than August 15th. As each year, we shall organize an Am-Am competition thanks to the support of “Total”, one of the largest European concerns in fuel and petro-chemicals. The players will once more have the opportunity to play with their host family and the sponsors. The Am-Am competition will be held on Monday 25th at 8h30 with the host families and at 13h30 with the sponsors.

Besides the main competition, we confirm that another competition will also be organised on Tuesday August 26th: The Longest Drive contest after the practice round. 

We look forward to meet you, please observe closing date of 15th August 2014.

Arrivals --- 14/08/2014

Dear players,

We hope you are all doing well and are training for our tournament. The staff is looking forward to see you all in Belgium. 

The registrations are closed since this morning and the tournament is fully booked. We are very proud to welcome teams from across the Atlantic: Colombia and Mexico. 

Please, do not forget to send us a mail if you need a shuttle at the airport or railway station before the 20th of August : anne@internationaljuniors.be. 

Information required: place, arrival time, train or flight number. 

If you are coming by car, please send us an email mentioning the day of your arrival. We are organizing an Am-Am on Monday 25th of August and need to know which players will be present. The Am-Am competition is a good opportunity to play the course once more before the tournament. The Am-Am is a shotgun starting at 8.00 am and 1.00 pm. 

Let’s hope for a sunny (or at least dry) tournament. 

The Staff 


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